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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Going Somewhere?

Aero-Safe Travel Kit

Happy Holidays! Since we'll be doing a lot of traveling over the holidays (and we bet you will too), we thought it would be nice to share some of our favorite travel-themed promotional items, starting with the always-important toiletry bag. Help your customers and clients travel smarter this season with these on-the-go products.

Multi-pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag

This Aero-Safe Travel Kit is perfect for keeping shower essentials together while traveling. It comes with airplane-approved bottles and a funnel to help transfer soaps, shampoos, and lotions. A clear case makes it easy to see if anything has been left behind (like perhaps a toothbrush?) and provides a large, easy-to-read imprint area for your logo. 

We also like this Hanging Toiletry Bag because it has multiple pockets, a carrying handle, and exterior storage compartments. Very useful for the multi-tasking traveler.
Luggage Tag

Travel Kit

Travel Tip #349: Make sure you can tell which suitcase is yours at the baggage claim. "Of course no one else will have the same black, square, rolling suitcase," you think to yourself while heading out the door--but newsflash: we all have that exact same one. So stand out from the crowd with a bright, colorful, practical and hard-to-miss luggage tag. Best qualities: Many fun colors to choose from, large imprint area, and durable. 

And now we get to the absolute must-have. This travel kit includes the holy trinity of overnight flights: eye pillow, neck pillow, ear plugs. Whether the family is across the country or halfway around the world, this kit has everything for an en route nap or good night's rest.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Winner & Why We Love Mugs!

The winner of our Holiday Mug Showdown is mug B! Voters loved this mug for its shape and two-tone flare, and we have to say, we really agree.

So, why a mug? For us, the mug is a symbol of quintessential promotional marketing. It's a simple yet unique product that demonstrates extreme functionality (especially when you consider this: Americans drink approximately 400 million cups of coffee per day!) and can be fully customized to fit the look of your brand, organization, or message. 

Pair your promotional mug with bags of locally roasted coffee beans for a holiday gift or include other promotional products such as pens, highlighters, and note pads for the perfect office care package. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Decision 2012: Brio's Inaugural Mug

We've started our search for this year's Brio holiday mug. We've narrowed it down to three, but now we need your help. Which one is your favorite? Is it A--the classic cup-of-joe? Is it B--the two-tone latte mug? Or perhaps it's C--for tea time with flare? Leave us a comment or vote on our Facebook page!

Stick With It...

Collection of stickers at 
158 Pickett Street Cafe in South Portland
(Location of the best bagels in Maine)
When we talk about promotional marketing strategies, we often use the term "sticky" to refer to or describe a product's ability to make a lasting impression and stick in the minds of consumers. A great example of a "sticky" promotional product is (you guessed it!) a sticker. But it's not just the obvious trait that makes this item a powerful promoter.

Everyone loves stickers
They really do. When it comes to stickers, we're all like kids at the dentist's. People of all ages enjoy receiving, collecting, and using stickers. 

Stickers travel
Just because they stick in one place doesn't mean they're stationary. Whether they're on a musician's guitar amp, a college student's laptop, or the family van, stickers move from place to place, bringing your brand wherever they go.

Stickers travel... literally!
(HP fans get your Hogwarts stickers here)

Fans become brand ambassadors
The best marketers for your brand are your biggest fans and happiest customers. Make it easy for them to share their love for your business by having stickers free for the taking. Fans will proudly display your logo and are sure to pass along a good word. Stickers will also help fans spot other fans, building a community around your brand.

Apple gives away stickers with every purchase.
(How many Apple stickers do you have?)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Business cards on the brain...

Get business cards and "get noticed"!
This week we’ve got business cards on the brain (which could have something to do with the sparkling, new order of Brio business cards that just came in!), and so we got to thinking about what makes these versatile cards a staple promotional item:

Be prepared...
Carry business cards with you at all times. Random encounters in the grocery store line, on the bus, or at the gym can turn into lifelong business relationships. Make the most of serendipity by keeping a few custom business cards handy at all times.

Connect offline with online...
Include your website, email address, and social media links, or experiment with a QR Code to make it easy for your new friends to find and follow you online. A great business card fills the gap between offline interactions and online communication.

Show some creative spirit...
Experiment with different styles, textures, colors, and fonts when designing your business card. A business card is more than a name and a phone number (although, these elements certainly are important!) -- a great business card involves creative design that illustrates who you are as a brand and as a business.

Get what you give...
When you give a business card, get one in return. This exchange will help build strong business relationships. 

References and other links for advice and ideas about business cards:
Creating a Great Business Card -- Entrepreneur.com
The ABCs of Business Cards -- Entrepreneur.com
Designing a Business Card: 5 Things You Need to Know -- Huffington Post 

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Happy first day of fall! By now you've realized that fall sports are in full swing. Whether it's soccer, football, or cross-country running, fans need the gear that will keep them cheering to the playoffs. We've put together a few of our favorite items to celebrate fall sports!

This Stadium Fleece Blanket is the perfect way to keep warm while cheering on the home team. A detachable carrying handle makes for easy travel between games. (We also love this product for spring picnics and summer beach days!) Item #43668

Everyone knows how uncomfortable those stadium seats can be--that's why we love this product! Made from durable, weather-proof material, this cozy seat provides comfort no matter where you're seated. It also comes with an attached handle and built-in front pocket (perfect for storing programs, flyers, schedules, and stats!) Item #47700

Now that we've got fans warm and comfortable, it's time to give them something to cheer with! We love these customizable Mascot Rally Poms, which are offered in a wide variety of colors and mascots. Fans will have fun showing off their team spirit no matter what season! Item #68207

It's important for fans to feel appreciated, especially as fall temperatures begin to drop! Make sure your devoted fans are prepared to watch the games this season--give them something to really cheer about!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Our big debut!

This is our big debut! And we're excited to have a beautiful, new blog space where we can keep you updated, share our favorite promotional products, and indulge in all things promotional marketing. This blog will act as our creative outlet as we share with you our love for promotional items and explore how promotional marketing can build brands and cultivate business. Be sure to check back often for the latest Brio news, promotional items, tips and tricks, testimonials, advice, and ideas.